A few months ago, I decided to run a little experiment, to see how serious people are about getting their blurbs published. So, I created a page with submission tips, and I left a little Easter Egg in there, as a way to reinforce people who RTFM.

Since I put up that page, I’ve received probably a hundred blurb submissions. Do you know how many demonstrated that they found the Easter Egg?

The Agony of Marriage?

Yep, it was kind of embarrassing, but looking back at it now, it was also pretty damned funny. If nothing else, I’d say it’s a good sign for our marriage that we both rolled with it and could laugh about the whole thing even as it was going down.


Woo hoo! I got my new .blog domain, so you can now find this site at dennis.blog. Thanks, Automattic!

Note that dennishhong.com and dennishong.blog will both redirect to this site, too. And if you’d like a .blog for yourself, click here.

Enough with the political memes

There are assholes on both sides. So we can either fixate on this tiny percentage of assholes and paint everyone on the other side as such. Or we can accept that most people on both sides of the political spectrum are decent human beings, and actually try to reach across the aisle and engage with them.