Cookie Convergence

If you’ve never had them, they’re called “egg rolls,” but they’re nothing like the deep fried pork-and-vegetable rolls you get at Chinese restaurants. No, these are cookies, plain and simple. Rolls and rolls of sweet flaky, buttery goodness. I used to eat them straight over the tin, because they’re so crumbly and messy.

Revenge of the Gulls

Is anyone as baffled as I am by a local team choosing the seagull as its mascot? Seagulls are smelly, mean, and really kind of a nuisance, especially when you’re just trying to eat your lunch outside.

Hey, Cat Owners….

When you’re scooping the litter box, do you ever pretend that it’s a treasure hunt, and you’re sifting for little gold nuggets? What’s that? You don’t? Yeah. Me, neither. There’s absolutely nothing that can make the process any less disgusting.

Bloodhound Republic

Every time I hear Counting Stars by OneRepublic, I start singing, “You and me, baby, ain’t nothin’ but mammals, so let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel….” Because they’re the exact same song. Try it….


There’s a tapas restaurant down the street that Melissa and I frequent, partially for the tapas and mostly for the sangria. I love tapas. I just hate the inevitable raised eyebrows you get when you tell someone you’re going to a “tapas bar” for dinner.

Trial and Error

You know how you’re not supposed to eat undercooked pork? And you know how prosciutto is basically raw pig? Ever wonder how many centuries of explosive diarrhea it must have taken to perfect that recipe?