Do you know what “RTFM” stands for? Because every time I get a blurb submission over on LemonVibe nowadays, those four letters sail through my head.

You see, I’ve been getting so many submissions that I just don’t have the time to publish everything. I’ve even hired a friend to do some editing for me on the site, because OMG … so many submissions. So, so many.

A few months ago, I decided to run a little experiment, to see how serious people are about getting their blurbs published. So, I created a page with submission tips, and I left a little Easter Egg in there, as a way to reinforce people who RTFM.

Since I put up that page, I’ve received probably two hundred blurb submissions. Do you know how many demonstrated that they found the Easter Egg?


Come on, people. That’s just sad.

If you really want help, if you really need dating advice, RTFM on how to get it.

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