Mashing up Bon Jovi and Belinda Carlisle

Last week, I realized that Belinda Carlisle’s classic 80s hit, “Heaven is a Place on Earth,” uses virtually the same chord progression as Bon Jovi’s also-classic 80’s hit, “Livin’ on a Prayer.” Two songs with totally different styles (well, aside from the feathered mullets), yet eerily similar chords.

Here’s a mashup I made to prove my point:

Full disclosure: I did have to make a slight pitch adjustment to get the melodies to match, in case you’re thinking that Belinda Carlisle sounds a bit mousier than you remember.

And if you’re interested in the details, I start with “Prayer” and slowly fade in┬áthe high- and mid-range from “Heaven.” Then I cut the bass for “Prayer,” after which I add back the bass from “Heaven.” That way, you can hear both songs laid over each individual bassline, to see how well they match up. In fact, you can barely tell that the bassline is different before and after the cut.

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