Staged Awkward Hugs Are Even Awkwarder

Some of you know that I’m a self-professed awkward hugger. To be clear, I don’t dislike hugging. I’m just … weird at it. Clearly, I’m even weirder at it when I’m being directed to hug my parents: Ever since my dad suffered his aneurysm in 2014, things have been rough for my mom. My and Melissa’s wedding…

Dancing Queen

My sister and I agree that we inherited our dancing ability from our mom. Here’s a clip from my wedding mother-son dance (or rather, our combined father-daughter/mother-son dance — sorry, Melissa, for not including the footage of you and your dad): None of this was practiced beforehand, by the way. I never even told my…

Hoping for Sanity

We’ve been here before. We’ve done this before. Flying halfway around the world … rushing into the ICU, not knowing what to expect … waiting … waiting … waiting for any sign of consciousness … finding hope in the tiniest eye movement … The good news is that she’s alive. The bad news is that…

The Dinner We Never Had

The last time I saw you, you had come over to help with some electrical work at our house. Which is to say … you had come over to do some electrical work at our house while I watched and pretended to help, because really, I know jack sh!t about electrical work. Afterwards, I offered…

Intermittent Fasting Lets Me Eat Like a Pig

My physique today is sustainable and accommodates my love of milkshakes and all things frozen. Plus, I actually look better than I did before I started training for the competition, when I was lifting and climbing regularly, but not fasting.

Intermittent fasting itself does take discipline, but for me at least, it’s far more manageable than the level of exercise I would need to engage in so that I could eat anything I wanted.

Bad Science

There’s a new scientific study that concluded that double-spacing after periods is better than single-spacing.

As both a writer and a former scientist, I feel compelled to respond. Now, to be upfront, aside from being both a writer and a former scientist, I am also an obstinate single-spacer, so I don’t purport to be objective.