A New Endeavor – Social Savvy Sage

This is by far the most putting-myself-out-there-est endeavor I’ve taken on: I’m taking all my years as a teacher/professional speaker/interpersonal communications guru/dating and relationships writer/dating advice giver, and mashing them all up into a new service called Social Savvy Sage.

On the surface, I’m putting myself up as a dating coach. Woot woot. Okay, yeah.

But … unlike so many other dating coaches out there, my mission is to help people develop their fundamental social skills first, rather than offer generic dating advice or strategies. As my own personal experience and professional background have shown, if you hone your social savvy first, your natural attractiveness will follow, and your dating life can flourish without having to rely on gimmicks or fakery.

With that, if you know anyone you feel could benefit from a bit social skills coaching, feel free to send them my way! Or if you’re interested in the very idea of social interactions themselves, check out the Social Savvy Sage blog. In it, I’ll be sharing not only my own insights, but all the latest news, research, and resources from the far reaches of the internet.

And if you want to be super-cool, you can also follow me on Twitter or like my Facebook page. Both are brand sparkling new as of this morning, so … anyone wanna be my first follower/liker?

PS: In case you’re wondering about the accompanying image, it’s a metaphor for the “building blocks” of dating success. Of course.

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