An Arranged Marriage …

We had no choice but to learn to depend on each other for strength and support. And so, we rose to the challenge. We worked together, and we struggled together. We studied together, and we partied together. We shared both our personal accomplishments and our personal tragedies with each other. We embraced each other in every sense of the word, and we became a family in almost every sense of the word (aside from actual biological relationship — but that’s a pretty minor detail, all things considered).

Ultimately, we chose to depend on each other. In the same way that partners in an arranged marriage can choose to love each other and become a family, we chose to love each other as well. We were arranged as a Marriage and Family Therapy cohort, but we chose to become a family.

Intermittent Fasting Lets Me Eat Like a Pig

My physique today is sustainable and accommodates my love of milkshakes and all things frozen. Plus, I actually look better than I did before I started training for the competition, when I was lifting and climbing regularly, but not fasting.

Intermittent fasting itself does take discipline, but for me at least, it’s far more manageable than the level of exercise I would need to engage in so that I could eat anything I wanted.

A New Endeavor – Social Savvy Sage

This is by far the most putting-myself-out-there-est endeavor I’ve taken on: I’m taking all my years as a teacher/professional speaker/interpersonal communications guru/dating and relationships writer/dating advice giver, and mashing them all up into a new service called Social Savvy Sage.

On the surface, I’m putting myself up as a dating coach. Woot woot. Okay, yeah.

But … unlike so many other dating coaches out there …

Built a Better Body

We wanted to look good for our wedding. But rather than set some vague goal about “getting in shape” (which we had already been trying to do for the past year), we decided we needed a specific endpoint. We needed something that would provide some ass-kicking focus and motivation.

Our solution? Train for a bodybuilding competition.

Building a Better Body

As opposed to “building a butter body,” which is what it seems like we’ve been doing for the last few years …

The men’s category above is called Physique, and the women’s is called Bikini. Because for the men, it’s all about the physique. And for the women … it’s … all about … the bikini? I guess? I mean, those are $400 bikinis. With sequins on them. So … yeah, I guess it makes sense that it’s all about the bikini.

Not that I’m complaining or anything. The rules of the division mandate that the bikini bottom must cover at least 50% of the glutes. But … well, if you’ve ever been to one of these competitions, let’s just say the judges are clearly not too focused on the math.

Anyway, at least I get to save a ton of money and wear regular swim trunks. Life is so much cheaper when you’re a guy.

Winning at Life

It’s easy to be a fun and upbeat person when things are going great for you. But the true test is how you handle life when things are just going downright crappy for you. And that’s why I have to give some major props to my girlfriend’s cousin, Brie….