AT&T is trying really hard to get me to cancel

When you walk into an AT&T store with the intention of buying a new phone, and you walk out thinking you need to switch carriers, then you know something is seriously fucked up with your policies….


More Amazing… Horribleness from Facebook’s Algorithms

Remember how impressed I was yesterday at Facebook’s photo-recognizing algorithms? Well, a few of you pointed out that it was probably a coincidence, so I guess I’m not that impressed anymore. Besides, I just remembered this….

Last week, I was posting photos from an event Melissa and I attended with her sister and her sister’s husband. And that’s when the aforementioned algorithms asked me to tag Melissa’s sister’s boob:

Choking the Chicken

Having spent five years now blogging about dating and relationships and three years writing comedy on the internet, I suppose it was bound to happen: An attempt at conflating the two crashed and burned spectacularly.