Enough with the political memes

Look, I get it. Liberals want to paint conservatives as racist misogynistic backwards-thinking assholes. And conservatives want to paint liberals as smug out-of-touch elitist whiners.

And hey, what better way to illustrate your distaste for the other side than with an awesome meme “destroying” them?

assholesThe problem is, there are assholes on both sides (click here for a fuller explanation). And social media and meme culture lend themselves to focusing only on said assholes. When you share a meme, there’s no room for nuance, there’s no room for discussion, there’s no room for engagement.

So we can either fixate on this tiny percentage of assholes and paint everyone on the other side as such. Or we can accept that most people on both sides of the political spectrum are decent human beings, and actually try to reach across the aisle and engage with them.

Should there even be any doubt which is the more productive option?

One thought on “Enough with the political memes

  1. Iove them, but the one depicting Trump supporters beating someone saying “all lives matter” never happened. I’d like to see one example of this happening vs the countless hate-filled violence on the left towards MAGA supporters. The drawing on the left, accurate. The drawing on the right, just plays into the narrative that the right is just as bad as the left, when they do nothing even close.;


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