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Torrey Pines Panorama

Melissa and I hiked Torrey Pines yesterday, and I finally remembered to try out the Bubbli app (which I wrote about here) on a “real” environment. I have to say, I’m super-impressed with the app’s ability to stitch together the shots into a single three-dimensional panoramic shot.

Add Some Urgency to Your Daily Workflow

I don’t care if you have the most mind-numbing desk job in the world. Listen to this while working, and you’ll feel like your day is a heroic journey of epic proportions….

Man, talk about some intense music. Listening to this stuff makes me want to go out and storm a castle:


Are you a fan of panoramic shots? Then you have to check out this new app called Bubbli.

Using your iPhone’s camera, you stand in one spot, then rotate in place while you scan your phone up and down, capturing every angle of your surroundings. Afterwards, the app stitches everything together into one continuous “bubble,” which you can rotate side to side or up and down to see everything around you.

Vegas Strip During Earth Hour

We happened to be in Vegas during Earth Hour this year, and Jenny shot a cool video of the hotels shutting off their lights. It was fun trying to guess who would be on it, who would lag, and who would be an outright party pooper. Paris… will they or won’t they?

Stuck in the Cracks

Here’s a cool image of sand magnified several hundred times. If you think about it, grains of sand are just like people: They’re unique, they’re beautiful, and they’re awkwardly uncomfortable when they get all up in your private business.