Choking the Chicken

chicken-chokerHaving spent five years now blogging about dating and relationships and three years writing comedy on the internet, I suppose it was bound to happen: An attempt at conflating the two crashed and burned spectacularly.

Last week, I wrote a piece for Dear Wendy titled, “Women, Want to Attract a Man? Wear Makeup!” I meant to ruffle some feathers (as the title alone should make obvious enough), but pretty much ended up choking the entire chicken.

So, for the first time in five years of internet writing, here’s my public mea culpa. It’s been a lesson in humility. My bad.

Edit: Yes, I know what “choking the chicken” refers to. Man, my jokes have just been flopping left and right this week.

4 thoughts on “Choking the Chicken

  1. Dennis, I hate that you felt like you had to do that. It’s not your fault women are too freaking sensitive, nor that feminism and a sense of humor about feminism apparently can’t go hand in hand.


  2. If they can’t take a joke… it’s mostly because humor is based on reality. It’s not just the women… the whole damn country is so sensitive now. It’s beyond irritating. You should not have apologized.


    1. Totally agree. Also, Dennis, I really think that anyone who truly thought you were SERIOUS is just an idiot. Like how could they possibly think you MEANT it like the title said? It just blows my mind.


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