Facebook’s algorithms are amazing… ly horrible

I mentioned before that my fiance’s cousin, Brie, has been battling cancer. Here’s the most recent photo of her and us:

brie 2

First off, I just want to say how awesome she is that she’s owning her hair loss and has no problem going out in downtown San Diego sporting the dome. (Tidbit of trivia from the ex-biology teacher: Cancer is a disease where cells that aren’t supposed to be dividing start dividing out of control and eventually overwhelm your body. Chemotherapy works by killing any cells that are actively dividing. That’s how it targets cancerous cells. Unfortunately, chemo also kills healthy cells that are supposed to be dividing… like, you know, your hair.)

Anyway, when she started chemo, she posted a photo on Facebook of her mom shaving her head. Again, awesome ownage.

Well, this is how I saw the photo in my newsfeed, along with the ad Facebook put right below it:



I honestly don’t know if this is a coincidence or not. If it’s not, I’m pretty impressed that Facebook’s algorithm’s were able to connect Brie’s photo to shaving. Then again, their algorithms have always impressed me with their skillz.

So, this is either 1) an example of Facebook’s algorithms being impressive, but tactless, or 2) a coincidence.

Knowing Facebook, I’m going with Option #1.

One thought on “Facebook’s algorithms are amazing… ly horrible

  1. I have that ad shown to me regularly. I don’t shave so I don’t even know why it’s targeted to me. I had my hairs all lasered off quite a few years back. I also get match.com ads, a lot.

    PS – good work Brie. Love to see you being positive and smiling through this. Sending you all my healing thoughts – they don’t attack dividing cells but they have other good uses.

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