Bad Science

There’s a new scientific study that concluded that double-spacing after periods is better than single-spacing.

As both a writer and a former scientist, I feel compelled to respond. Now, to be upfront, aside from being both a writer and a former scientist, I am also an obstinate single-spacer, so I don’t purport to be objective.

Why I Love Getting Trolled on Facebook

As a writer, of course I want people to read my stuff. And the way Facebook’s newsfeed algorithms work, the more likes and shares and comments a piece of content gets, the more it will get pushed to the top of people’s news feeds. When I post a link to an article, and the post ends up getting 100+ comments, Facebook considers that a high level of engagement, and more people will end up seeing the link. It doesn’t matter if half those comments are written by a small group of people who are vehement in their dislike of the article. When it comes to social media and virality, any activity is good activity.

Scheduling Creativity

This blog post, titled “How to Find Your Hidden Creative Genius,” really resonated with me. Four years of tireless blogging helped me land my dream job at But ironically, now I find myself having way less time to write, whether on my blogs or freelancing for various random sites.