Why I Love Getting Trolled on Facebook

If you follow my writings (and if you don’t… awww, come on), you’re probably aware that my articles occasionally erupt in controversy. Here’s the latest incident, where I wrote that strangers asking me about my ethnicity bug me ever so slightly, and two guys had a problem with it. Here’s another fun one from a couple years back.

First off, I never understand the motivation for going on someone’s personal Facebook page and attacking them. It seems like you’re putting yourself at such a disadvantage, since they have full control over your posts and the entire thread. But… whatever. To each their own.

Having said that, I have a secret to reveal. Part of me loves getting trolled on Facebook. Part of me loves when I post a link to an article I’ve written, and people attack me and won’t back off. Here’s why:

As a writer, of course I want people to read my stuff. And the way Facebook’s newsfeed algorithms work, the more likes and shares and comments a piece of content gets, the more it will get pushed to the top of people’s news feeds. When I post a link to an article, and the post ends up getting 100+ comments, Facebook considers that a high level of engagement, and more people will end up seeing the link. It doesn’t matter if half those comments are written by a small group of people who are vehement in their dislike of the article. When it comes to social media and virality, any activity is good activity.

And that’s why it warms my selfish heart ever so slightly when people make comments like this about my writings:

controversy 1

controversy 2Now, don’t get me wrong. I do feel bad that my Facebook friends who don’t care about the topic keep getting subjected to the post. And despite what I logically know about turning the other cheek, it still stings ever so slightly when I get trolled for sharing my honest feelings. But then again, I also end up mouthing this to myself when people attack me and end up driving a massive amount of traffic to my blog:

fuck yeah

So, think about that next time you engage in a discussion about an article that you hate. If you don’t want to help the author, your best bet is to comment once (or not at all), then walk away and never come back.

On the other hand, if you really must have your full say, then know that you’re only helping the person whose writing you most despise.

It’s your call.

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