I’m a Sanders Supporter, and I Might Just Vote for Trump

A Clinton Presidency represents the old establishment winning yet again. A Trump Presidency represents the people throwing a giant, orange-skinned, tiny-handed middle finger at the establishment.

A Sanders Presidency would have represented the possibility of change, to me at least. Because Sanders is enough of an outsider to challenge the establishment, but also has the experience to maybe, just maybe get something done within it when necessary.

Further Thoughts on My Subtle Racism Column for Cracked

This morning, my latest column for Cracked was published, about the subtle racism that I experience regularly as an Asian-American.

Not surprisingly, some people didn’t quite get the point of the column. And so, I’d like to clear a few things up. Specifically, I want to respond to the comments that I’m whiny or angry or playing the victim by writing the column in the first place. To clarify then:

What’s the Most Memorable Film Score Ever?

I thought it would be fun to play a little game of Can You Hum That Film Score?

The rules of the game are simple. I’m going to name off a bunch of films with notable scores, and you’re going to check off the ones you can hum from memory. Not ones where you hear it, and you go, “Oh, that’s from this-and-this movie.” No, you have to have the tune already embedded in your conscious brain. If you can’t hum it from memory, then you can’t vote for it. Simple enough, right?

The Insidiousness of Privilege

Privilege is like body odor: You never notice when you have it, but everyone else sure can smell it on you.

If you’ve ever looked down upon those who haven’t found the same success as you, if you’ve ever blamed their lot in life on their own laziness, then maybe this cartoon will change your perspective somewhat….

I’m surrounded by assholes

There are assholes on both sides of the political and social spectrum, ready to cry foul at the slightest hint of injustice, eager to pick any fight at any opportunity. These are not people who seek rational discourse and an understanding of the other side’s experiences. These are people who just want to be heard above everyone else, whether or not they have anything worthy of being heard. Most often, they don’t.

Why self-defense is a dumb argument against gun control

I usually stay middle-of-the-road when it comes to politics, but when I see a breakdown in logic and reason, I always feel compelled to point it out. So here we go….

In light of this latest shooting in South Carolina, you’re probably seeing this argument again. The person espousing this argument may even share a video that shows an innocent person pulling a gun in self-defense.

Why I can mock Rachel Dolezal and still support Caitlyn Jenner

Sure, I get the confusion. Why must we respect one person’s decision to transform from a man to a woman, but we roll our eyes at another person’s decision to transform from a white person to a black person?

So here’s the answer: It’s not hypocritical in the least bit if you have any understanding of gender identity. And in fact, I realize now that much of the prejudice against Caitlyn stems from a core misunderstanding of the biology of gender. As such, I figured I’d post my reply to my friend here, in the hopes that it will clear up some of this misunderstanding: