Farewell, Marley

It’s not easy seeing a pet die in front of you, especially when you have no idea what just happened. It definitely makes you feel helpless.

IMG_1707Sure, Marley had a bad hip and asthma, but aside from that, he seemed to be in good health. And there were no signs whatsoever that he was sick in any way. Last night, I did mention to Melissa how he seemed particularly “meowy.” Like, he came up to us (which he usually does at night), and he started meowing (which he also usually does at night). But last night, he sounded way more emphatic than usual. Is it possible he knew something was wrong, and he was trying to tell us something?

I guess we’ll never know.

Farewell, Marley. You were one crotchety little cat. And every time you wanted attention or affection from us, it had to be on your terms. But hey, we still loved you. I wonder if Mama and Biscuit will miss you, too.


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