WeAllGrow Summit – Building a Professional Website for Your Business

Here’s the annotated slide deck from my talk at the #WeAllGrow Summit in Long Beach, California, March 2017.

For more information on the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org, here’s a blog post that uses a helpful metaphor (because who doesn’t love a good metaphor):

The $64,000 Question: WordPress.com or WordPress.org?

And this page will give you a side-by-side comparison:

WordPress.com and WordPress.org

Here’s another blog post that will help you choose a business theme at WordPress.com:

How to Choose the Best Theme for Your Business Website

And since the question of SEO always seems to come up when discussing WordPress.com versus WordPress.org, here’s some information on that, too:

All About SEO on WordPress.com

SEO and Your Blog

How to Publish Posts that Search Engines Will Love

If you found my startup story interesting, here’s that part of the talk:

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