Noise Complaint

January 10, 2015

Did I mention that my dad is kind of a social butterfly? I know I did, but I’ll mention it again:

My dad is kind of a social butterfly.

Things haven’t been too different despite him being in the hospital. Now that he’s out of the ICU and people can come visit him any time they want, there’s been a steady stream of visitors — family, friends, colleagues, students — coming in to pay their respects.

Well, some of my dad’s friends are kind of boisterous, shall we say. Yesterday, I went downstairs to grab a drink while two of his doctor friends were helping him do some leg exercises (my dad specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation, so his colleagues are all happy to dole out the rehab on him at this point). As I got back up to the 8th floor and started walking down the long hallway towards his room, I could hear the shouts of encouragement, sarcastic remarks, and subsequent laughter from like five rooms down….

“Okay, see if you can move your leg… oh, come on, you can kick harder than that… pretend you’re mad at me… YOU’RE MAD AT ME… WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO? HUH?!? HUH?!?”

It seriously sounded like a party in there. Well, that or a group of marines at the gym. (Hey yo, Matt Hennigan, you know I’m looking at you on this one.)

Anyway, we put him in a double occupancy room because it’s half as expensive. But then, one of the nurses came in at one point in the afternoon and politely suggested that we might consider a single, because that will give us more space to be comfortable.

My Mandarin is pretty shoddy, but man, do I know a noise complaint when I hear one.

Still, I’m sure my dad is happy for it.

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