The Party Suite was My Home for Seven Nights

All last week, I was in Park City, Utah. I was there for Automattic’s Grand Meetup, the one time a year that the entire company sees each other in person. The Grand Meetup is a combination of both work and play, with the first half of the week leaning towards “work,” and the second half stumbling drunkenly towards “play.”

Our lodging choices ranged from single rooms to four-bedroom penthouses. The penthouses were very large and very fancy, but the caveat was that they were also going to be used as the official “party suites” for the meetup. Well, I figured I tend to stay up late, anyway, and it would be awesome to stay in a penthouse, so I volunteered to be placed in one of them. And so I was….

I honestly don’t know if I would volunteer again, but it was definitely an awesome — if not exhausting — seven days. It’s funny, actually. Yesterday, my colleague Lori published this touching post about parting ways after the Grand Meetup. One line in particular stood out for me:

the sleep I got in the silence of the Park City night was the best I may have ever experienced

Clearly, Lori and I had very different sleeping experiences during the same Grand Meetup.

But hey, I got to stay in a penthouse for seven days. And not have to deal with cleaning it up each morning.

Totally worth it.

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