Representing WordPress at Techweek Chicago

Last week, I attended Techweek Chicago, as a Happiness Engineer for We had a Happiness Bar at the expo….

Over the course of three days, we talked all things WordPress with the hundreds of people who stopped by. We even sat down with users and helped them with their sites….


We also passed out all sorts of swag, including WordPress sunglasses….


Speaking of passing out, two random women sat down on our couches at one point and decided to take a nap. They never spoke a word to us….


Then it was our turn to pass out (hey, talking to people non-stop for six hours can be pretty exhausting)….


At night, we checked out the concerts, on a closed-off street right on the river….

The last night’s concert was basically a rave, complete with 3D glasses….

I even got to meet up with an old blogger friend (uh, our friendship is old, not her). She lives in Virginia, but just happened to be in Chicago visiting her sister. Said sister was having issues getting a decent photo of us, so we finally included her in the pic, and it turned out just fine….

All-in-all, it was an exhausting — but awesome — three days.

4 thoughts on “Representing WordPress at Techweek Chicago

  1. Oh Dennis, for sure you’ll not remember me, it’s Bayron talking here!

    Im really jealous this kind of events are made in USA, why not in Barcelona? God dammit! – argh!

    I could be so happy to spend as much time as i can in the happy bar talking funny things with you guys!


    1. Hey Bayron, thanks for commenting! I do think I remember meeting you. But, I’ll be honest, I did meet a ton of people during those three days, so hopefully I’m thinking of the right person. 🙂

      We do have WordCamps in Europe, so if you’re looking to network with other WordPress users, you should check those out!


  2. Ha! I’m loving the outtake shots. (I just wasn’t loving the *real* shots.) And that picture of all of you WordPress people sleeping is hilarious. It was great to see you and to meet Shawna!


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