Why I can mock Rachel Dolezal and still support Caitlyn Jenner

Sure, I get the confusion. Why must we respect one person’s decision to transform from a man to a woman, but we roll our eyes at another person’s decision to transform from a white person to a black person?

So here’s the answer: It’s not hypocritical in the least bit if you have any understanding of gender identity. And in fact, I realize now that much of the prejudice against Caitlyn stems from a core misunderstanding of the biology of gender. As such, I figured I’d post my reply to my friend here, in the hopes that it will clear up some of this misunderstanding:

Is it wrong to call Caitlyn Jenner courageous?

If the mere idea of Caitlyn Jenner being Caitlyn Jenner makes you uncomfortable, fair enough. If you have no understanding or empathy for the difficulties a transgendered person has to face every single day, that’s your privilege.

But in that case, just own up to your bigotry, okay? Don’t drag our country’s proud servicemen down to your level with false dichotomies.