Speaking Cat

Several times a day, one of our cats will walk up to us, stare us down, then meow incessantly for like five minutes straight: “Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow.” Of course, that makes us wish that we had some sort of cat translator, so we could know what exactly he’s trying to say to us.…

Touchscreen Facepalm

When people post screenshots from their phone, do you sometimes end up tapping the navigation buttons on the screenshot repeatedly, wondering why your phone has frozen, before remembering that you’re looking at a screenshot?

First Times

Last night was my official “farewell celebration” to mark the start of my new career. I was hoping to make it at least 40 years without ever puking in a cab. So much for that plan….

Setting the Bar

Melissa had a dream that we got engaged, so I asked her how I proposed. She replied that a ring just magically appeared on her finger. Damn. That’s a pretty high bar to set.